What Is GentleMax Pro?

The GentleMax Pro is a first-class laser that uses a combination of 2 powerful lasers to remove unwanted hair. The GentleMax Pro™ is the gold standard for effective hair removal in skin types I-VI, which includes most skin types. The GentleMax Pro™ excels in providing safe, high speed, effective laser hair removal with high patient satisfaction and comfort. Typically, permanent hair removal requires 4-6 treatments, but some patients require more.

This laser provides patients with a more comfortable hair removal experience. It’s non-invasive because it only targets and heats the areas that need treatment. GentleMax successfully destroys the hair follicle, without affecting the surrounding skin.

  • unwanted hair


  • Treats All Skin Types. GentleMax Pro treats patients with light and dark skin.
  • Permanently Removes up to 80 Percent of Unwanted Hair
  • GentleMax Pro is fast and painless. It can treat large areas at once, and the system numbs the area with a cryogen freezing spray.


Patients might experience some redness and swelling and can use ice to reduce inflammation. Ice can be applied every hour for the first 6-12 hours. Discomfort is normally completely gone after six hours but can last for a full day.

Patients can clean the treatment site but should not moisturize or use makeup for the first 24 hours. They should also avoid direct sunlight for two weeks following the procedure. They should wear sunscreen when out in the sun.


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