Hormone Therapy

Restoring balance with bio-identical hormones

The body produces more than 50 types of hormones that circulate in the blood and activate target cells. These hormones regulate our bodies throughout our lives and can have physical and psychological impacts. However, this fragile balance can be disrupted and generate episodes of distress when external factors inherent to the different phases of life (pregnancy, professional changes, stress, children, aging, etc.) are involved.

Dr. Gabrielle Landry can help restore this balance with a unique hormonal restoration program, adapted to each person according to the period of their life.

These same principles are applied to trans and non-binary people. With over 10 years of experience in prescribing bio-identical hormone treatments, Dr. Landry has become a reference in the LGBTQ community for people seeking gender affirming treatments.

Individuals feel more emotionally, physically and mentally supported as they regain control of their lives.


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