Follow-up appointment and dosage with a specialized nurse (45 min): $250 – telephone appointment

  • Analysis and explanation of results;
  • Recommended treatment plan;
  • Prescriptions for bioidentical hormones.

Follow-up appointment (3/6/9 months) with a specialized nurse (30 min): $150-200 – telephone appointment

  • Analysis of latest blood tests;
  • Review of response to treatment;
  • Adjustment of dosage (if necessary).

OFF-BALANCE SHEET appointment with the specialized nurse (15 min): $100 – telephone appointment

  • If you have a question for the nurse specialist between follow-up appointments.

An annual appointment with Dr. Landry (30 min): $325 – in person or by phone

*The next availability with Dr. Landry is October 2024. I invite you to contact me by e-mail if you wish to schedule an appointment.

**Please note that in some cases, it is also possible to have the initial consultation with the specialized nurse if you wish to speed up the process. The cost of the initial consultation remains $400, and it is by telephone. The next availability with the nurse specialist is in February 2024. Please write to me if you are interested in this option.


To take an appointment for a consultation with Dr Landry, or to have a discussion regarding hormone therapy, sexual health or medico-aesthetic treatments.


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